Revista Política & Sociedade

In English “Politics & Society” is a four-monthly publication of the Postgraduate Program in Political Sociology of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. It aims at spreading unpublished articles, reviews, translations and bibliographic essays on themes and problems of Political Sociology and related disciplines, this journal is guided by the criteria of academic quality and the social relevance of the content of its publications.

Revista Em Tese

This journal is called “In Thesis” and it is coordinated by the students of the Postgraduate course in Political Sociology of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, with a semiannual periodicity and dedicated to the dissemination of scientific works. The creation of this journal constitutes an instrument for the dissemination and integration of post-graduate students in the area of ​​Political Sociology.

Cadernos de Pesquisa

This is “Research Notebooks” in English, and it is a journal by PPGSP aimed at disseminating the works, texts and essays produced by the Professors of the Program, and which are discussed in the Internal Seminars. Please see the issued volumes.