The POST-DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP concerns research activities carried out at the Graduate Program of UFSC by a PhD graduate student with a supervisor. The Post-Doctoral Internship at PPGSP may be held by holders of doctoral degrees who are not members of the UFSC Staff, who are able to engage in full-time activities with PPGSP. The University does not undertake, in admitting the candidate, to provide material and financial resources to carry out the research activities provided for in the Work Plan of the candidate, simply making available the existing infrastructure in the Graduate Programs. Postdoctoral students will be linked to the University through PPG, and will be entitled to use Library services, facilities and the goods and services necessary to the development of their research. The postdoctoral students are prohibited to carry out any administrative activities; to be in charge of teaching any discipline in graduate or undergraduate levels; To be a dissertation or thesis supervisor. The activities developed by the postdoctoral student will be carried out on a voluntary basis, in accordance with Federal Law 9608, from February 18, 1998, and UFSC will not be entitled, in any case, to the admission of employment or liability for remuneration, nor liability for indemnities claimed as a result of any damages or losses arising from these activities. Scholars and civil servants formally removed from their functions, by means of a removal order, do not need to sign the term of adhesion to the volunteer service.









PPGSP is currently offering a postdoctoral fellowship. The scholarship is granted according to previously announced public notice.

The post-doctoral candidate in the PPGSP must formalize their request in a letter to the Course Coordinator of the Program in the area of ​​ interest, indicating the line of research at which they intend to carry out their activities, and deliver to the Program Secretariat the following documents:


I – Application Form duly completed and printed (access link is available on the website: );

II – Letter of acceptance of a supervisor from the PPGSP;

III – Copy of the doctor’s degree certificate, with national validity;

IV – Curriculum vitae updated in the Lattes Platform (in the case of foreigners, printed curriculum);

V – Work Plan, including:

  1. a) research project (in summary, max 15 pages), including the schedule for the execution of activities;
  2. b) teaching activities, if any;
  3. c) deadline for subscription must be at least 3 months and at most 12 months, with up to 4 extensions of 12 months each, at the discretion of the Delegated Faculty of the Program and with the detailed opinion of the supervisor.


VI – statement of institution or company authorizing student’s removal for the purpose of carrying out the activities planned in the postdoctoral internship, in the case the candidate has any employment ties;

VII – proof of receipt of a grant from development agencies or other sources, in the case the candidate is holding any research scholarship;

VIII – financial statement that proves the candidate is able to cover personal expenses and other related to the development of their research project, in the case the candidate does not receive any scholarship;

IX – proof of voluntary work (if applicable).


NOTE.: the activities of the Work Plan should be held at UFSC, except in the data collection period or technical and academic cooperation with other institutions. Diploma holders may be admitted to Doctorate courses abroad, upon recognition of the diploma by the Delegated Faculty of the Program (recognition will not confer national validity to the degree). The diploma must be presented with a Brazilian consular visa, except in cases covered by specific diplomatic agreements.

The Course Coordination will submit the candidate’s process to the approval of the Delegated Faculty of the Program. After approval by the Faculty, the process will be sent to the Postgraduate Pro-Rectorate Department (PROPG) to be registered in the Graduate Academic Control (CAPG).




The post-doctoral candidate in the PPGSP must formalize his request in a letter to the Course Coordinator of the Program in the area of ​​his interest, indicating the line of research at which he intends to carry out his activities, delivering to the Program Secretariat the following documents:


  1. Registration Form properly filled out and printed (access link is available on;
  2. a) Candidates must include the area and research line of the Program in the specific field of the form.
  3. Acceptance letter from the supervisor, stating the specific period of the internship (day / month / year of beginning and ending) and the area and research line of the Program to which the project will be about, as well as other information considered relevant, such as the receipt of grants from development agencies or other sources, when needed.
  4. a) The supervisor must be a permanent professor of the Program.
  5. b) In cases of “pós-doutorado convênio“, the supervisor must inform in the letter of acceptance that the internship will be carried out under these conditions. In this case, the candidate will not receive a certificate, but will be able to register.
  6. Term of Adhesion to Voluntary Service, duly signed by the Program Coordinator, supervisor, candidate and witnesses. The candidate must request the Program Secretariat the Term of Adhesion to fill out, and must leave blank the day / month / year fields, which will be filled when the term is signed by the Rectory.
  7. a) The signature of the Graduate Pro-Rector will be digitally performed in the process when it is sent to CBO / PROPG for analysis.
  8. b) The term to be registered in the term must be at least 3 and at most 12 months, and may occur up to 4 extensions.
  9. c) This term should only be filled by researchers who do not have a scholarship and / or are not civil servants.
  10. Updated Curriculum Vitae, generated by the LATTES Platform.
  11. A) In the case of foreigners who do not have Curriculum Lattes, a curriculum must be attached along the same lines as the Lattes Platform;
  12. Authenticated copy of the doctor’s diploma (front and back), issued by an institution with a Postgraduate Program approved by CAPES.
  13. a) If the diploma has not yet been issued, the doctoral defense approval certificate must be provided.
  14. b) The acceptance of the aforementioned minutes for postdoctoral application is at the discretion of the collegiate of the Program and does not replace the subsequent delivery of the diploma.
  15. c) The certificate of completion of the postdoctoral internship will only be issued upon delivery and inclusion of the diploma in the candidate’s digital enrollment process.
  16. d) Foreign doctorate diplomas must present a Brazilian consular visa, except in cases of specific diplomatic agreement.
  17. Work plan to be developed at UFSC.
  18. a) The work plan must contain a maximum of 20 pages, including schedule of activities and planned teaching activities, if any.
  19. Proof of receipt of scholarships by development agencies or other sources, if the candidate has any scholarship.
  20. Declaration of financial ability to cover personal expenses and to cover expenses related to the realization of the research project, if the candidate does not have a scholarship.
  21. Declaration of full time and exclusive dedication to the activities to be developed during the postdoctoral period;
  22. a) If the candidate has any employment, a statement from the institution must be attached authorizing their complete removal from all activities.
  23. b) If full removal is not possible, a statement signed by the candidate and supervisor must be attached attesting the dedication of 40 hours to the postdoc activities;
  24. c) Statement of science of the institutions / companies regarding the accomplishment of the post-doc, determining the working days and the workload of the candidate.
  25. Authenticated copy of the identity card.
  26. A) The National Driver’s License-CNH is not valid.
  27. B) Foreigners must attach a copy of the RNE and passport.


Extension of deadline:

  1. Attach the following documents to the initial request process and send them to CBO / PROPG:
  2. Partial report of the activities carried out.
  3. Supervisor’s consent to the partial report.
  4. Work plan for the next period, with full schedule.
  5. Inform date of the new extension (start and end day / month / year);
  6. Approval of the Faculty of the Program to the application for extension.


The candidate must arrange for all documents to be delivered to the Program, so that the latter can take appropriate measures regarding enrollment or extension.


In case of queries, e-mail:

Or call on extension 4788.